This is a chain-seperating-tool, which helps the motorcycle driver to change easly his chain. These are rendered pictures generated for Kellermann GmbH, which has been inserted in some motorcycle catalogs for motorcycles equipment ■


Kellermann GmbH KTW 2.0, Video-Manual (German): • LINK-TO-VIDEO

These videos were created for an exhibition in Germany. Kellermann GmbH and team has presented their new products for motorcyclists. One of the product highlights was the KTW 2.0. It is a chain separating tool. Through a video show of the usage of this tool, the customers / audience could see how simple the KTW 2.0 is to work with it. Our job started from the scratch. That means drawings in a storyboard, generating 3D objects, lighting the scene, do lots of animatics and finally rendering & post processing the whole material. The given feedback for the product and our video was great ■


Kellermann GmbH Services, Video (German): • LINK-TO-VIDEO

Alternative Logo-Creation, Video (German): • LINK-TO-VIDEO

Here you see the Storyboard, which was made for the animation:

by zkdesign
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