Promo video from the zombie game: • LINK-TO-VIDEO

This is a Trailer for the Steam Version. It was a promotion video during the beta state ■

Cutted parts inside the zombie: • LINK-TO-VIDEO
fat zombie, walkcylce with variations: • LINK-TO-VIDEO

This zombie-shooter game was completed, but not officially released. It was used for internal promotions. It has about 50 levels and lot of bonus missions. Our job was to animate the zombies. The motion-capture data that was given, has to be cleaned up. It was been corrected, cause many information in it were damaged. All key-frames were been rebuild and some special animations were done by hand. Second task was to make zombies split-able. That means, every body has fracture edges and additional geometry inside. You have to take care about the seams and we found a solution to hide them. So no seams were visible. Third task was normal-mapping. We doesn't have the high-poly meshes of the objects, so we done the job by sculpting our own or in some cases we paint the normal-maps and bake them back into the UV´s. We found the perfect pipeline and the perfect workflow to interact with the game-engine and our 3D programs



Here you can see the Weighting-Control of one of the characters. Also the weight of the chunks :) has to be combined with the complete character ■


Cutted zombie: • LINK-TO-VIDEO
Ingame Video level: • LINK-TO-VIDEO


slim zombie, animated by hand: • LINK-TO-VIDEO
fat zombie, headshot: • LINK-TO-VIDEO


fat zombie, running: • LINK-TO-VIDEO
ReTargeting of different proportioned characters: • LINK-TO-VIDEO

These are all examples of the work-process from the job. There was a lot of RD. In the end we became more expirienced. More complex possibilities are there for future projects ■

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